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Who Are We?

We are a leading supplier of clean and clear label starches, fibres, proteins and flours for a range of food processing applications

All About US

Ulrick & Short has been borne out of clean label product innovation and the knowledge of not only how to make our clean label products come to life but how to apply them effectively in finished applications to yield the true benefit.

As global product innovators with a network of manufacturing partners and distributors we have the resources and flexibility to source a range of crops across several geographical locations and as we are not tied to one particular crop or region, we can take our ideas quickly from concept to market.

From pilot scale production we look at how we can harness all the functionality offered by nature and then using only physical means, free from chemicals and additives we are able to exaggerate and enhance the functions we require out of the raw material, giving the stability and organoleptic qualities our customers value.

Formed in 2000 with one simple clean label ingredient the company has matured into a successful food ingredients business.

Drawing on a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in food ingredients and cereal processing, Ulrick & Short has gone on to develop a wide range of unique processing technologies and through this, has established a network of key strategic manufacturing partnerships around the world.

We are continuously developing our range and diversifying into new crops and plant extracts to deliver new functionalities for both food manufacturers and consumers.

Working in an ever growing number of food sectors our expertise is continually expanding as we are constantly working on the next trend, looking to offer a clean label solution.

We have developed a reputation for excellence when it comes to technical support and a very active hands on approach to solving problems for our customers, always looking to add value in everything we do.

Our History

Our Values

Everything we do is based on the following values :

Service – ‘Our customers are our number on priority – Everything begins and ends with them’

Expertise – ‘We foster an environment that allows for both personal and professional development’

Growth – ‘We recognise that profitability is essential for future success’

Trust – ‘We are honest and forthright with our customers & partners’

Empowerment ‘By bringing together our individual skills and unique traits we become a sum of more than our parts’

We believe in working closely with our customers to make sure you get the best from our ingredients.
From the first telephone call where we always have technical support on hand, to product launch we will be there to support each step of the way. Sample guidelines will be with you when you need them.
Onsite technical support is a given. Whether you need help in the test kitchen to develop a concept, work with us at our kitchen to take things a step further or need help on the factory floor to bring your ideas to life we have technologists available.
We often support our customers with analysis of products to help you make launches efficiently and successfully. You will find us pragmatic, friendly and supportive to work with.
Simply give us a call on +44(0)1977 620011 and one of the team will be happy to chat through any projects or issues you are working on.

Working With Us


Our Range of Ingredients

Our clean label ingredient range has been derived from a wide selection of crops including wheat, tapioca, maize, rice, oat, flax, bamboo and sweet potato

Our Range

Our Customer Charter

At Ulrick & Short we are totally focused on satisfying the needs of our customer with clean label, additive free functional ingredients


Our range of clean label, additive free functional ingredients include thickeners, stabilisers, emulsifiers, glazing systems, fat substitutes, sugar reducers and phosphate replacers. With this in mind we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive service encompassing a number of important commitments.

  • A warm and professional welcome for all your enquiries
  • A dedicated contact to agree and quickly deliver the solution you require
  • Committed resource to help you get the best out of our ingredients
  • Purchase order documentation to be timely and correct
  • A commitment to regularly deliver new ideas
  • Immediate telephone technical backup
  • Samples to arrive within 48 hours of being requested
  • Deliveries to be on time in good condition via a professional and friendly service
  • An agreed minimum stock to be kept for immediate dispatch
  • A continual effort to add value to your business


Please call on +44(0)1977 620011, email or click below for our enquiry form, one of our technologists will be happy to answer your query.

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