“Vegan & Flexitarian Meat Alternatives Bring With Them Unique Textural Challenges”

Ulrick & Short Launches New Texturised Protein For Flexitarian & Vegan Applications

One in three UK shoppers are now actively trying to reduce their meat consumption. With a rapidly growing proportion of consumers increasingly basing their purchasing decisions on ethical, health, and sustainability considerations, the plant based market has boomed. Concurrently, the vegan and flexitarian meat alternative sector has been thrust into the spotlight, which has brought with it a surge in NPD, but also an array of complex textural challenges for manufacturers.

In response, Ulrick & Short have developed a new clean label ingredient for plant based and flexitarian meat products. The latest addition to Ulrick & Short’s protein range, complexTM T16, has been designed specifically to open up the texture of vegan or flexitarian meat analogues, providing a more ‘meaty’ bite and mouthfeel to products, and allowing manufacturers to mimic the eating quality of meats. The texturised protein is also clean label, non-GM, allergen free and vegan friendly, ensuring suitability for all applications, and consumer friendly declarations.

...the flexitarian and vegan markets will be major growth markets for a number of years to come.

Emma Walker Development Technologist

Ulrick & Short Development Technologist, Emma Walker, said “Almost a third of UK meals are now meat or fish free, although this by no means is to say that the market is at saturation point. On the contrary, because of the underlying ethical factors driving this trend, the flexitarian and vegan markets will be major growth markets for a number of years to come.”

Walker added, “Vegan & flexitarian meat alternatives bring with them multiple textural & structural challenges. The increased competition coupled with the fast moving nature of the sector means suppliers and manufacturers need to be proactive in their NPD, and investigate new ingredients and technologies to deliver level of quality to satisfy ever more demanding customer base. The unique solutions complexTM T16 provides allows manufacturers to meet consumer demand.”

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