Ulrick & Short Partner Up with Food & Drink Federation Scotland

Clean Label Ingredients Supplier Working in Collaboration with FDF Scotland to Help Achieve Reformulation Targets

Ulrick & Short are working alongside the Food and Drink Federation Scotland’s Reformulation for Health programme to provide ingredient solutions for healthy reformulations of bakery & meat products.


Funded by the Scottish Government, the Reformulation for Health programme was established following a 2018 governmental report outlining ambitions to improve dietary health across Scotland.


The programme offers reformulation advice & support to all SME food manufacturers, whether FDF members or not, and is tasked with enabling healthy product reformulation in areas such as fat, sugar and salt reduction, fibre fortification, and general advice on portion size and product labelling.

Ulrick & Short have teamed up with FDF Scotland to offer their expertise and clean-label ingredient solutions to bakeries & food manufacturers looking to improve nutritional profiles. The company specialises in clean-label, plant-based ingredients which provide solutions to challenges such as:

- Sugar reduction

- Fat & calorie reduction

- Protein & fibre fortification

- Egg & allergen removal

FDF Scotland Product Reformulation Manager, Joanne Burns, said, “I am delighted to be working in collaboration with Ulrick & Short to support Scottish SME food and drink businesses make their products healthier. By working with ingredient developers, we can have a greater impact on dietary health.”

It is a pleasure to partner up to offer our ingredient knowledge and expertise to assist in tackling obesity issues in the UK.

Adrian Short Director

Co-Owner & Director at Ulrick & Short, Adrian Short, added to that, “This is a great initiative that FDF Scotland & the Scottish Government are running. It is a pleasure to partner up to offer our ingredient knowledge and expertise to assist in tackling obesity issues in the UK.”

Short added, “Whether for calorie, fat & sugar reduction, or protein & fibre fortification, we’re offering our technical support and clean label ingredient technologies to all bakeries & food manufacturers. We have solutions for nearly all sectors and applications.” 

Listen to the latest FDF Scotland Podcast with Ulrick & Short R&D Manager, Danni Schroeter, discussing healthy bakery reformulation.

For Scottish food and drink businesses interested in making their recipes healthier, please visit or contact for more information.

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