Ulrick & Short Launch New Ingredient Range For Bakery Sector

New Clean Label fazenda Flours to Provide Significant Functional Benefits

In light of COVID-19, consumer demand for food ingredients that have simple, recognizable & trustworthy declarations is at an all-time high. It is timely then, that with this shift in emphasis Ulrick & Short has launched a new product range to their clean label portfolio. The new range, called fazenda, is a series of functional flours derived from different crops.


fazenda uses unique processing technologies to provide structure and a range of textures in bakery applications. The range further extends the company’s palette of clean label thickeners & stabilisers, but with the added benefit of carrying a declaration of simply “flour” – offering both developers more choice, and the consumer the familiarity of a store cupboard declaration.

'...Softness, Volume & Moisture Retention...'
'...Softness, Volume & Moisture Retention...'

Harnessing the natural functionality from crops such as tapioca, wheat, rye & spelt, fazenda provides wide-ranging, functional benefits - enhancing a natural feel to bakery applications. In bread, cakes & muffins, fazenda provides softness, volume & moisture retention, while in batters & coatings, the range provides adhesion & viscosity. All the range is clean label, non-GM, plant-based, with wholemeal & organic options available – further adding to the natural & wholesomeness of the products.

The broad range of crop bases also gives manufacturers greater choice when it comes to declaration & transparency.

Danni Schroeter R&D Manager

Ulrick & Short R&D Manager, Danni Schroeter, said “fazenda is a great addition to our ingredient portfolio and has really useful functionalities in both conventional, and gluten-free bakery applications. The broad range of crop bases also gives manufacturers greater choice when it comes to declaration & transparency.”


Schroeter added, “Ingredient declarations and front of pack claims are now intricately linked to consumer buying habits. They must, therefore, give the consumer a good feeling when purchasing the product – whether this is a clean or organic declaration, or with sustainable ingredients & packaging. If consumers perceive that a product is unhealthy, unnatural, or artificial in any way, it’s a big deterrent.”





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