Solving the Problem of Egg Reduction in Gluten Free Bakery

Ulrick & Short Launches New Gluten Free Egg Replacement Solution

In the last few years, the gluten free bakery market has developed from a niche industry confined to artisan and craft bakeries, to an established trend with still massive growth potential. The free from sector is now one of the fastest growing throughout Europe. In the UK alone, 12% of UK consumers choose to follow a gluten free diet, and now more than half of British adults now adopt a “Vegan buying behaviour”.


With the free from demand showing no signs of slowing down, Ulrick & Short have launched a new egg replacement solution for gluten free bakery. The new ingredient, called ovaprox F, is the latest addition to the company’s ovaprox range and mimics the textural properties of the egg in gluten free bakery applications. Ovaprox F is gluten free, dairy free, clean label and non-GM, meaning manufacturers can offer complete label transparency.

“our egg replacement solutions have come a long way in the last three years, but until now the technologies we had were tailored to traditional bakery. It was the next logical step to develop a product that was tailored to the gluten free market.”

Emma Walker Development Technologist

Capable of replacing 25% of egg in a range of gluten free bakery applications, such as cakes, muffins, cupcakes and pancakes, ovaprox F does not just offer superior functional properties, but also is a competitive and price stable alternative to eggs. Ever since the fipronil scandal of early 2017, the egg market has been exceptionally volatile, leading to price fluctuations and hitting manufacturers hard – ovaprox F is an effective way to mitigate these fluctuations. 

Walker continues, “Egg reduction in gluten free bakery is a completely different challenge. As gluten free products are predominantly starch based, the trick is to develop a solution that both replaces the functionality of egg, while interacting correctly with the starch network. This is the only way to achieve a finished product with the correct taste, texture and volume. Ovaprox F overcomes these challenges.”

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