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Functional clean label solutions for your development challenges.

Remove fat, reduce sugar, go gluten free, go vegan, control texture, eliminate phosphates, clean up labels... We've got it covered.

Let us do the legwork

Our ingredients offer solutions to a range of problems for applications across all food sectors, while cleaning up back of pack declarations and improving label transparency. All of this is backed up with immediate technical and on site field support.


01.Thickening & Stabilising

Clean Label Thickening & Stabilising

synergie™ clean label ingredients

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02.Fat Replacement

Clean Label Fat Reduction

delyte™ clean label fat replacers

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03.Sugar Reduction

Clean Label Sugar Reduction

avanté™ clean label sugar replacers

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04.Emulsifying & Binding

Clean Label Emulsifying & Binding

complex™ clean label emulsifiers & binders

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Clean Label Texture Enhancement

scilia™ clean label functional fibres

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06.Phosphate Replacement

Clean Label Phosphate Replacement

ezimoist™ phosphate replacement systems

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Clean Label Glazing

eziglaze™ clean label glazing systems

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08.Egg Replacement

Clean Label Egg Replacement

ovaprox™ clean label egg replacers

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