R&D Updates – November 2020

01. Vegan Pâté
01. Vegan Pâté

In November, we’ve been pushing on with adding to our catalogue of plant-based applications – this time with a vegan pâté.

Using ezimoist 2 (tapioca starch) and synergie P (pea starch), we’ve been able to mimic the set, mouthfeel and spread ability that you’d expect in more conventional, meat-based pâté.

Get in touch for recipes, samples, and further information if you want to replicate this festive season. 

02. Fat Reduced Truffles


Fat & calorie reduction is high on the agenda for retailers & consumers alike.


This month, we have developed some fat reduced chocolate truffles using delyte 9, prompting some great feedback!


We have managed to replace up to a third of the cream in a chocolate truffle recipe without impacting on mouthfeel or product quality …meaning you can eat more of them!

We have replaced a thirds of the sugar...and a third of the fat, while maintaining product quality

03. Mince Pies
03. Mince Pies

How can you still indulge at Christmas time without all the guilt? This month, we’ve been improving the nutritional profiles of some of our favourite festive treats!

We have replaced a third of the sugar using avanté 10S, and a third of the fat in the pastry using delyte 10, while maintaining product quality.

Please get in touch for recipes, samples, or further information. 

Innova 2021 Trends



As we near the end of 2020, we look ahead to the trends which 2021 will bring to the industry.


It will come as no surprise to see plant-based holding strong and consumers moving towards even healthier and more sustainable diets.


2020 has been a challenging year, and with that comes an increase in eating for comfort in the form of nostalgic foods and food to boost your mood.

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