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Working with a large ready meal / prepared foods factory we set upon the task of improving the eating experience of a range of cream based sauces. The company had already gone through the change to clean label starches, however our team took them one step further and looked at different crops and re-developed the range using our clean label tapioca starches and by doing so increased the ‘indulgent creamy feel’ of the product and actually reduced the ‘flavour masking’ caused by the previous starch. The customer was really pleased with the improvement as was the retailer who set about approving all products within the range to convert to this starch.


Working with a major bakery supplier to the retailers, using the delyte range we successfully reduced the fat levels in cakes being produced to hit a new nutritional target for both fat and calories. However this was not enough as most of the cakes in question had high fat fillings and toppings. Further work took place utilising another delyte product from our range, we successfully achieved the targets for the whole cake, improved the front of pack traffic lights and extended shelf life, all whilst being picked in taste panels as the most preferred product.


The complex range is a well-established binder and emulsifier within the meat industry. In more recent times we have expanded the range to exploit other benefits that complex can bring. One such project was working with a sausage roll manufacturer who had peak production issues at busy times of the year. During this period the finished product needed to be frozen, however this can change the integrity and eating experience of the product. Working closely with them we managed to remove the modified starch being used, replace it with a protein from the complex range and successfully improved the product whilst making it freeze/thaw stable.


We were called in to work with a major UK pie manufacturer who had always used egg to glaze their very successful range of savoury hot eating pies. They had branched out into own label and had been requested to remove egg as it is an allergen. We worked with them until we found the best eziglaze specification which functioned successfully allowing the removal of the allergen. The customer was so impressed with the improvement on appearance (gloss), a decision was made to stop using egg across their whole range and replace with eziglaze.


A large meat processor supplying the ready meal industry with poultry products was challenged with cleaning the label declaration. This meant removing e-numbers and in particular phosphate. Phosphate was playing an important role in offering cooked yield and maintaining succulence through 2-3 cooking cycles by the time the consumer ate the product. ezimoist 4 was chosen because it is added to the injection brine easily without settlement issues and could also be used for tumbled products in the same factory. Yields were maintained or improved and a succulent product was noted throughout the supply chain.


Working with a leading bakery on a new range of products aimed at children we successfully managed to reduce sugar by 15% in the cake, this was followed by attaining similar results with the frosting. This achieved the targets for a successful launch. The company has now decided to use avanté sugar replacers across its whole range.


Working hand in hand with a large plant bakery producing morning goods for a major retailer we manged to introduce one of the scilia fibres across all formulations and portions to not only add softness and a longer fresher feel to the products, but more crucially achieving a front of pack claim: ‘source of fibre’.


Reducing the reliance on egg is always a big issue for bakeries. We have now worked with several bakeries looking at how we can integrate ovaprox into their cost matrix. ovaprox has the advantage of a ‘wheat flour‘ declaration, allowing bakers to use a formulation of ovaprox in at a higher or lower rate depending on the price of egg without having to make packaging changes.


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Our clean label ingredient range has been derived from a wide selection of crops including wheat, tapioca, maize, rice, oat, flax, bamboo and sweet potato

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