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Ulrick & Short Take Aim at Calorie Reduction

Clean Label Ingredients Manufacturer Extends Range To Tackle Public Health England’s Calorie Reduction Targets

The obesity crisis is worsening. Last year, the number of 10-11yr olds that were categorised as “severely obese” increased by a third, to 4.2%[1]. In response, Public Health England (PHE) announced ambitious targets to reduce overall calorie content in a range of processed foods by 20% by 2024. This, coupled with increasing consumer pressure to improve nutritional profiles and generally make foods healthier, is putting manufacturers in a position where they must reformulate.


Ulrick & Short has responded to this by announcing a focussed range of ingredients which promise to reduce calorie content by up to 20% in a range of applications. The ingredients are a further development of the ingredient technologies in the company’s existing delyteTM and avantéTM ranges of fat and sugar replacers – with calorie reduction as their emphasis. The new clean label ingredients replace the functional properties of sugar and fats, so manufacturers can improve front of pack nutritional profiles while maintaining product quality, and meeting government calorie reduction targets.


The extended range concentrates on the product categories targeted by PHE, such as: bakery, processed meats, pastries, biscuits, ready meals, sauces and soups and food-to-go. Furthermore, the ingredients are clean label, vegan, non-GM, with most also being gluten free.

"There is no doubt that product reformulation is going to be necessary for manufacturers to achieve the 2024 targets"

Adrian Short Director
Legislation is on the Horizon
Legislation is on the Horizon

Adrian Short, Director at Ulrick & Short, said “Calorie reduction is here. The obesity epidemic is now a public health crisis, which not only costs billions, it reduces the life expectancy of millions of people across the UK and beyond. While these targets are just guidelines at the moment, legislation in some form is an inevitability. Manufacturers should get ahead of the game and proactively look to achieve these targets before consumer and retailer pressure forces their hand.”

Short added, “There is no doubt that product reformulation is going to be necessary for manufacturers to achieve the 2024 targets. This further refinement of our existing fat and sugar reduction range can act either as a total solution for manufacturers, or as part of their broader calorie reduction strategy"

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