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Pasta Goes High Fibre Thanks To Ulrick & Short

Reinventing processed carbohydrates such as pasta as a healthier, higher fibre option is now possible thanks to Ulrick & Short, the leading British owned clean label ingredient specialist, and its new range of scilia® fibres.

Enhancing the nutritional profile of carbohydrates will help to convince consumers that they are not the dieter’s enemy. Ulrick & Short’s scilia range of soluble and insoluble fibres is perfectly suited to binding water to different degrees, thus meeting the requirements for numerous different food processing applications.


As fibres are highly insoluble, the biggest challenge has been to effectively incorporate these ingredients into the applications that will benefit – as a result, a small percentage increase in fibre content is sufficient to underpin claims of high-fibre or simply increased fibre content. Ulrick & Short has achieved an impressive level of 4.5 per cent added fibre content in pasta with no detriment to taste, texture and mouthfeel – against a base claim level of 3 per cent – and is building on its team’s expertise to attain a high fibre claim of 6 per cent.

“Enhancing the nutritional profile of foodstuffs such as pasta is challenging enough – but we also need to ensure that our solutions are equally as deliverable on the factory floor as they are in our technologically-focused development kitchens. We have achieved this with significant nutritional claim potential on pasta lines, but this claim offers even more massive potential in conjunction with our other revolutionary ingredients.”

Danni Schroeter R&D Manager
Even More Functionality...
Even More Functionality...

The company’s new sugar displacement product, avanté,enables manufacturers to reduce sugar by up to 30 per cent in savoury sauces and ready meals – the perfect complement to increased-fibre pasta for bigpicture ready meal and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) offerings. Ulrick & Short’s ngredients enhance flavours and spices rather than mask them, providing an improved taste experience for the consumer.

Ulrick & Short is the leading British-owned starch specialist, supplying household name food manufacturers across the world with naturally gluten-free non-GM ingredients.

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