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“Free From Can’t Escape Sugar Reduction Targets”

The 2020 sugar reduction targets are looming for bakers.

So far, sugar reduction efforts have focussed mainly on mainstream bakery; however, with 20% of bakery launches featuring a “free from” claim[1], sugar reduction targets are now equally pertinent in the free-from sector. Coupled with the recent announcement that Public Health England will be reporting on businesses that fail to make inroads into sugar reduction from 2019[2],  the need for a gluten free sugar replacer in the bakery sector is required now!


[1] Innova Market Insights – “Bakery : Healthier Indulgence for all”

[2] Public Health England – https://www.gov.uk/government/news/overwhelming-public-support-for-sugar-and-calorie-reduction

Clean label specialists, Ulrick & Short, have responded to this by releasing their new gluten free sugar replacer for cakes, muffins and baked goods. The ingredient, avanté 9, is the latest in Ulrick & Short’s sugar reduction range, and promises to reduce more than 20% of sugar in gluten free bakery formulations while maintaining the volume, texture and crumb structure of the standard products.

"To develop a product that is capable of both improving nutritionals and retaining the free-from claim is very difficult and occupies a unique position in the market. This is the key for manufacturers to stay competitive.”

Emma Walker R&D
Traffic Light Labelling
Traffic Light Labelling

Emma Walker (R&D) said, “We’ve had a lot of success in the past in significantly reducing sugar in standard products, it was a natural progression to introduce this technology to the gluten free sector.

Walker adds, “Gluten free bakery is tough enough, and to match the product integrity of the standard is not easy to do. However, gluten free baked goods are still subject to the traffic light system, and they are still affected by the 2020 regulations the same as any other product”.

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