New Fat Replacer Set To Slash Calorie Content

New Clean Label Ingredient Replaces up to a Third of Fat in Desserts & Bakery Applications

According to the latest Public Health England report, calorie reduction efforts have largely been unsuccessful. Since 2015, the “puddings” sector actually showed a 4.3% increase in calorie content1, and similarly, the “cakes” sector showed a 3.5% increase on a 2017 reference. As the obesity crisis worsens, calorie reduction will only become more pertinent, and consumer and retailer pressure will continue to ramp up on the food industry as a whole.

To help tackle the issue, Ulrick & Short have developed a new clean label fat replacement solution which promises to reduce fats by up to a third in bakery & dessert applications. The new ingredient, delyteTM 12, replaces the functional properties of fat, maintaining the texture, mouthfeel, flavour, and quality of the final product. It is suitable for bakery products, such as brownies, and also cold process dessert applications, such as cheesecakes and frostings.

...our fat replacement solutions are becoming both more effective, and more refined to specific applications.

Emma Walker Development Technologist

Ulrick & Short R&D Technologist, Emma Walker, said “As we develop our ingredient technologies, and broaden our understanding of how to mimic fat; our fat replacement solutions are becoming both more effective, and more refined to specific applications.”


She adds, “To be able to achieve 7.5% calorie reduction while maintaining product quality, is not something manufacturers could do up to this point – they now can. Although the PHE targets may seem daunting, delyteTM 12 provides manufacturers with an effective and easy to apply ingredient, which enables significant calorie reduction to take place with minimal disruption.”



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