Meat & Fish

Meat & fish

We’ve worked with meat manufacturers for 20 years to help clean up their labels, remove phosphates, enhance textures and increase yields!

Increasing yields, increasing succulence and textures, removing phosphates or looking for binding? Our ingredients provide solutions in a range of meat and fish processing applications to allow you to meet briefs of your customers and consumers alike.

Meat & Fish Solutions Find out how our ingredients can solve your challenges and meet the demands of your consumers.
  • Processed Meats
  • Whole Muscle Meats
  • Cured Meats
  • Prawns & Seafood
  • Tumbles & injected processes
  • Marinated processes
How you can benefit
  • Remove Phosphates
  • Increase Yields
  • Improve Succulence
  • Bind & Emulsify
  • Imporve Taste Profiles
  • Clean up labels
  • Gluten free rusk replacement
  • Remove Fat


01.Thickening & Stabilising

Clean Label Thickening & Stabilising

synergie™ clean label ingredients

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02.Fat Replacement

Clean Label Fat Reduction

delyte™ clean label fat replacers

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03.Sugar Reduction

Clean Label Sugar Reduction

avanté™ clean label sugar replacers

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04.Emulsifying & Binding

Clean Label Emulsifying & Binding

complex™ clean label emulsifiers & binders

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Clean Label Texture Enhancement

scilia™ clean label functional fibres

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06.Phosphate Replacement

Clean Label Phosphate Replacement

ezimoist™ phosphate replacement systems

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Clean Label Glazing

eziglaze™ clean label glazing systems

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08.Egg Replacement

Clean Label Egg Replacement

ovaprox™ clean label egg replacers

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