Our Approach

Our Approach

A continual effort to add value to your business

Technically the best

Technically the best
The consultative approach
The consultative approach
We take a consultative approach with all of our customers. We work with you to fully understand your specific needs, applications and processes to make sure we find the best ingredient for you. We understand that all cases are unique, and that they all need attention, which is why we have dedicated technical staff that visit customers day in day out. Our business is driven by Research & Development, and our R&D team are constantly working to develop new concepts with new crops ensure that we are delivering the cutting edge of what food technology has to offer, using state of the art methods and analysis equipment to make sure that we are getting the very best results.
Supply chain ethics
Supply chain ethics
We believe an ethical supply chain is a sustainable one. This means that all of our partners involved in the supply chain are treated fairly and with respect to ensure that everyone benefits. This extends from the sustainability of the crops, to the working conditions of the farmers, through to ensuring that a fair price is paid for the product at all stages. We not only work with our supply partners to promote best practice but we often work in partnership with our customers to add value to their businesses as well.
Creating the future

We always like to ensure that we are aware of the constantly changing food industry market. We constantly monitor the market though our market analysis methods to ensure that we constantly stay ahead of the game when it comes to food trends and processes. This allows us to keep our NPD and ingredients the current and useful for modern applications.

Manufacturing across 4 continents
Producing from over ten base crops
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Over 150 functional ingredients
Our Values

We have six fundamental values. Everything we do is based around them.

Our Values


01.Thickening & Stabilising

Clean Label Thickening & Stabilising

synergie™ clean label ingredients

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02.Fat Replacement

Clean Label Fat Reduction

delyte™ clean label fat replacers

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03.Sugar Reduction

Clean Label Sugar Reduction

avanté™ clean label sugar replacers

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04.Emulsifying & Binding

Clean Label Emulsifying & Binding

complex™ clean label emulsifiers & binders

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Clean Label Texture Enhancement

scilia™ clean label functional fibres

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06.Phosphate Replacement

Clean Label Phosphate Replacement

ezimoist™ phosphate replacement systems

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Clean Label Glazing

eziglaze™ clean label glazing systems

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08.Egg Replacement

Clean Label Egg Replacement

ovaprox™ clean label egg replacers

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