Defining Clean Label

Clean Label underpins Ulrick & Short. Yet, there is no official definition of what Clean Label actually is. This is what it means to us.



‘Clean label’ as an industry term has now been around for over 20 years.


Initially, the clean label movement was borne out of a desire to avoid genetically modified foods in the late 1990s.


It then evolved further into being concerned with removing e-numbers, artificial colours and additives.


Now, the term ‘clean label’ has expanded to encompass so much more. Clean Label as a concept is innately linked with the macro-trends we see in the food industry today, namely sustainability (environmental, ethical & economic), and health & wellness.

It relates to foods that are manufactured for the consumer but reflect the ingredients you use if you were making it at home. It’s how the consumer perceives it to be simple and clean.

Adrian Short Co-Owner & Director
What it means to us
What it means to us

Our business is all about developing clean label ingredients. What does this mean though?

For us, Clean Label is about making a product only with ingredients that consumers can recognise and understand, rather than with chemicals or synthetic sounding names.

By doing this, we ensure consumers are understanding what’s in their food. By doing this, it reinforces the trust the consumer has in the product, giving them the full confidence that the product is as “natural” or safe as possible.



What makes our products clean label?


Plants are amazing things, and all we do is to use them to their full potential! We harness the natural functionality of crops using physical processing methods.


Working with crops like wheat, maize, tapioca, pea & bamboo, we apply our knowledge of them to deliver the solutions we offer.


Because of this, all our products have simple to understand product declarations such as “maize starch”, “tapioca starch” or “pea protein”.


In many cases, they even have declarations which consumers would find in their own cupboards such as “wheat flour” or “cornflour”.

“In all walks of life, people are innately wary of things they don’t understand. Being able to give the consumer something they can relate to or even visualise is a very powerful thing.”

Robert Lambert Marketing & Communications
What's the future for Clean Label
What's the future for Clean Label

Clean Label is as important now as it has ever been.

The modern consumer has more information at their fingertips than ever before, and increasing numbers of consumers are emphasizing issues surrounding ingredient provenance and sustainability.

In today's world trust now comes at a premium. Retailers and manufacturers alike need to do everything they can to provide as much trust to their consumers as possible.

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