A starch, flour, protein or fibre for all your food manufacturing needs!

thickening & stabilising

A family of clean label starches and functional flours. synergie™ clean label ingredients

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fat replacers

A range of highly functional fat replacers. delyte™ clean label ingredients

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avanté™ functional clean label ingredients to partially replace sugar in a range of baked goods, snacks and processed foods

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binders and emulsifiers

Functional binders and emulsifiers. The complex™ range is clean label, non-GM and phosphate free

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functional fibres

A variety of nutritional and functional fibres. scilia™ clean label fibres

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phosphate replacer

A highly functional range of phosphate replacers. ezimoist™ clean label, non-GM and phosphate free ingredients

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bakery glazes

A complete range of clean label bakery glazes. eziglaze™ clean label glazes

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egg replacer

ovaprox™ is highly functional and can replace dried and whole egg. Derived from wheat this clean label ingredient can be declared as wheat flour

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Initially set-up to develop and supply clean label starches, the company has matured into a fast growing successful food ingredients business.

clean label starches

Drawing on a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in food ingredients and cereal processing, Ulrick & Short has gone on to develop a wide range of unique processing technologies and through this, has established a network of key strategic manufacturing partnerships around the world.

We are continuously developing our range and diversifying into new crops and plant extracts to deliver new functionalities for both food manufacturers and consumers.

Working in an ever growing number of food sectors our expertise is continually expanding as we are constantly working on the next trend, looking to offer a clean label solution.

We are evolving the functionality of our clean label starches with nutritional and health claim improvements.

clean label starches

Ulrick & Short has been born out of clean label product innovation and the knowledge of not only how to make our clean label products come to life but how to apply them effectively in finished applications to yield the true benefit.

As global suppliers with a network of manufacturing partners and distributors we have the resources and flexibility to source a range of crops across several geographical locations and as we are not tied to one particular crop or region, we can take our ideas quickly from concept to market.

From pilot scale production we look at how we can harness all the functionality offered by nature and then using only physical means, free from chemicals and additives we are able to exaggerate and enhance the functions we require out of the raw material, giving the stability and organoleptic qualities our customers value.


Our philosophy for achieving superior quality and safety standards is to focus on eliminating any factors that could pose a risk to the overall characteristics and integrity of our finished products.

Using horizon scanning techniques and thorough risk assessments we can identify these risks early and quickly implement strategies to mitigate them. Sustainability and Ethical sourcing is also key to our approach and by combining our own audits with tools such as Sedex we can be confident in the provenance of our products.

Overall this ensures that throughout the supply chain the ingredient is never compromised. Such a detail-oriented approach has aligned us with global manufacturing partners that have achieved the highest levels in GFSI Accreditations.

In order to demonstrate our exceptional quality and superior safety standards, we are independently audited every year against numerous 3rd party standards, including BRC and Cert-ID non-GMO. These accreditations are further proof that we do everything practically possible to deliver a safe and legal product of the highest quality.

Our clean label ingredient range has been derived from a wide selection of crops including wheat, tapioca, maize, rice, oat, flax, bamboo and sweet potato

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